Central European Order Forum

Thursday, 29. November till Sunday, 2. December 2018

The annual gathering of Order Members from the Central European Order Region.

All members of the Triratna Buddhist Order from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland and Germany are invited for a prolonged weekend of practice and exchange. An inspiring experience of the wider Order and a wonderful way to strengthen our bonds across countries in our Order Region.

This year the theme is vaca, Speech. With the help of two old sutras and the Whispered Lineage of Bhante's oral teachings we will try to understand the practical implications of the precepts more deeply so as to make communication more ethical and more profound.

For all questions, also practical ones, please contact Dharmapriya.

Please book with the Essen Buddhist Centre paying a non refundable deposit of 40,- €.

€ 75,- (25,- per night). This is a special rate to allow all order members to attend. Please consider giving additional dana if you can.